The Philosopher’s Index

The Philosopher’s Index

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Because he was one of the first to abandon Scholastic Aristotelianism , because he formulated the first modern version of mind-body dualism , from which stems the mind-body problem, and because he promoted the development of a new science grounded in observation and experiment, he has been called the father of modern philosophy.

He developed a metaphysical dualism that distinguishes radically between mind, the essence of which is thinking, and matter, the essence of which is extension in three dimensions. He is often considered a precursor to the rationalist school of thought , and his vast contributions to the fields of mathematics and philosophy , individually as well as holistically, helped pushed Western knowledge forward during the scientific revolution. He is also attributed with developing Cartesian dualism also referred to as mind-body dualism , the metaphysical argument that the mind and body are two different substances which interact with one another.

In the mathematics sphere, his primary contribution came from bridging the gap between algebra and geometry , which resulted in the Cartesian coordinate system still widely used today. Jeanne died shortly after Descartes turned one.

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The Philosopher’s Index is the premiere bibliographic database covering worldwide research in all subject areas of philosophy. It contains works on philosophy from both philosophy and interdisciplinary sources. There are author-written abstracts for most records. The global database contains more than , records with source publications from countries in 37 languages.

Primary coverage spans from to present with additional records dating back to Extensive indexing includes personal and proper names along with subject terms; there is also the capability to search for the authors of book reviews. Sociology Database gives users access to the full text of more than journals in sociology and social work.

Learn More. It covers topics such as philosophy, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, criticism and interpretation of The Bible, and religious history, beliefs, ethics, culture, politics, and more. Updating the ProQuest URL may seem like a small change — but for our users, it will have a big impact. Toggle navigation. Fast Facts Journal articles from more than 1, titles Indexed by a team of philosophers Precision discovery within relevant literature.

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Natural philosophy or philosophy of nature from Latin philosophia naturalis was the philosophical study of nature and the physical universe that was dominant before the development of modern science. It is considered to be the precursor of natural science. From the ancient world, starting with the Taoists in Asia and in the Occident, Aristotle , to the 19th century, natural philosophy was the common term for the practice of studying nature.

It was in the 19th century that the concept of “science” received its modern shape with new titles emerging such as “biology” and “biologist”, “physics” and “physicist” among other technical fields and titles; institutions and communities were founded, and unprecedented applications to and interactions with other aspects of society and culture occurred. Even in the 19th century, a treatise by Lord Kelvin and Peter Guthrie Tait , which helped define much of modern physics, was titled Treatise on Natural Philosophy

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Described below are links to databases that support the study of political philosophy and theoretical constructs. There is no database devoted solely to providing access to studies of political thought and philosophy so you will need to search resources in both disciplines to gain a thorough understanding of the topic being investigated.

Sources in Philosophy. Sources in Political Science. Descriptions of resources are adapted or quoted from vendor websites.

Publication Date: 13 Mar Religio-Philosophical Discourses in the Mediterranean World. From Plato, through Jesus, to Late Antiquity.

According to the resulting report, Philosophy was the highest scoring research discipline in New Zealand, and the highest scoring department was the Department of Philosophy at the University of Otago. Thus the Otago Department of Philosophy was not only the top-ranking department of philosophy and the top-ranking department at Otago, but the highest-scoring research department of any kind in the country. In we improved upon this result, raising our collective score from 6.

This succession of successes may have come as a surprise to some observers, but in fact the Philosophy Department at Otago has had a long and distinguished history. Otago can no longer boast of being the southernmost university in the world, since that honour goes to the National University of Patagonia San Juan Bosco which operates a small campus in Tierra del Fuego.

But the University of Otago still hosts the southernmost philosophy department in the world and remains the southernmost university in New Zealand and hence in Australasia. The setting is spectacular — a long inlet surrounded by steep volcanic hills, rising to meters. The city was founded in by Scots settlers associated with the Free Church of Scotland led by Thomas Burns the clergyman nephew of Robert Burns, the poet.

Though originally dedicated to piety and Presbyterianism, Dunedin became a lot more louche as well as a lot more rich under the influence of a gold rush in the s. As was then the colonial custom, the university appointed an ambitious young Scotsman, the outspoken year-old Duncan McGregor, a graduate of the University of Aberdeen.

When it came to social policy, he thought that the ‘hopelessly lazy, the diseased, and [the] vicious’ should be incarcerated for life as a humane alternative to the process to Darwinian selection which would otherwise have weeded them out.


His teachings, preserved in the Analects, focused on creating ethical models of family and public interaction and setting educational standards. After his death, Confucius became the official imperial philosophy of China, which was extremely influential during the Han, Tang and Song dynasties. Confucius was born probably in B. Other accounts describe him as being born into poverty. Confucianism is the worldview on politics, education and ethics taught by Confucius and his followers in the fifth and sixth centuries B.

Texts, lectures, websites, and other media can be invaluable sources of that the record of their success to date confirms the value of philosophical skills in.

From Thales, who is often considered the first Western philosopher, to the Stoics and Skeptics, ancient Greek philosophy opened the doors to a particular way of thinking that provided the roots for the Western intellectual tradition. Here, there is often an explicit preference for the life of reason and rational thought. We find proto-scientific explanations of the natural world in the Milesian thinkers, and we hear Democritus posit atoms—indivisible and invisible units—as the basic stuff of all matter.

With Socrates comes a sustained inquiry into ethical matters—an orientation towards human living and the best life for human beings. With Plato comes one of the most creative and flexible ways of doing philosophy, which some have since attempted to imitate by writing philosophical dialogues covering topics still of interest today in ethics, political thought, metaphysics, and epistemology.

He wrote treatises on each of these topics, as well as on the investigation of the natural world, including the composition of animals. The Hellenists—Epicurus, the Cynics, the Stoics, and the Skeptics—developed schools or movements devoted to distinct philosophical lifestyles, each with reason at its foundation.

With this preference for reason came a critique of traditional ways of living, believing, and thinking, which sometimes caused political trouble for the philosophers themselves. Xenophanes directly challenged the traditional anthropomorphic depiction of the gods, and Socrates was put to death for allegedly inventing new gods and not believing in the gods mandated by the city of Athens.

Epicurus, like Xenophanes, claimed that the mass of people is impious, since the people conceive of the gods as little more than superhumans, even though human characteristics cannot appropriately be ascribed to the gods. In short, not only did ancient Greek philosophy pave the way for the Western intellectual tradition, including modern science, but it also shook cultural foundations in its own time.

An analysis of Presocratic thought presents some difficulties. Even these purportedly verbatim words often come to us in quotation from other sources, so it is difficult, if not impossible, to attribute with certainty a definite position to any one thinker.

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Rene Descartes, French mathematician, scientist, and philosopher who has been a Protestant stronghold, was the site of negotiations over the Edict of Nantes.

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At different times in Chinese history, Confucius trad. This means that the philosophy of Confucius is historically underdetermined, and it is possible to trace multiple sets of coherent doctrines back to the early period, each grounded in different sets of classical sources and schools of interpretation linked to his name. After introducing key texts and interpreters, then, this entry explores three principal interconnected areas of concern: a psychology of ritual that describes how ideal social forms regulate individuals, an ethics rooted in the cultivation of a set of personal virtues, and a theory of society and politics based on normative views of the family and the state.

Because of the wide range of texts and traditions identified with him, choices about which version of Confucius is authoritative have changed over time, reflecting particular political and social priorities. The portrait of Confucius as philosopher is, in part, the product of a series of modern cross-cultural interactions. In Imperial China, Confucius was identified with interpretations of the classics and moral guidelines for administrators, and therefore also with training the scholar-officials that populated the bureaucracy.

At the same time, he was closely associated with the transmission of the ancient sacrificial system, and he himself received ritual offerings in temples found in all major cities. By the Han BCE— CE , Confucius was already an authoritative figure in a number of different cultural domains, and the early commentaries show that reading texts associated with him about history, ritual, and proper behavior was important to rulers.

The first commentaries to the Analects were written by tutors to the crown prince e. The authority of Confucius was such that during the late Han and the following period of disunity, his imprimatur was used to validate commentaries to the classics, encoded political prophecies, and esoteric doctrines.

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From Thales, who is often considered the first Western philosopher, to the Stoics and Skeptics, ancient Greek philosophy opened the doors to a particular way of.

Influential philosophers thus seem to populate the past. But are there any important philosophers living in the world today? We can thank philosophers, both past and present, for a number of our deeply held beliefs. These beliefs dictate how we understand and involve ourselves in the world. For millennia, philosophers have attempted to shape our beliefs, usually behind the scenes, and their influence is present in many of our existing practices, institutions, and basic assumptions about ourselves and the world we think we know.

Contemporary philosophers are enormously influential right now. Take Princeton’s Peter Singer and his work on animal ethics. How society sees its responsibilities to nonhuman others owes much to Singer. Though usually not household names, contemporary philosophers have radically altered the way we think about all sorts of things from the nature of God to the role of race in democracy.

Philosophy, one of the oldest areas of intellectual endeavor, is as significant today as ever. With the help of AcademicInfluence. Note that this list is not a ranking the philosophers are presented alphabetically. Much of his focus is in political theory and moral philosophy, and he is a leading name in race and identity studies.


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